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Virtual all-ages program for families

The "Clean-Up Veterans" experiences are not often acknowledged or understood.

A new outdoor installation called Guests of the Great River greets guests as you arrive at the museum’s east entrance.

Gonzalez is the 14th curator at the Burke, and joins Dr. Peter Lape as the second curator of archaeology at the museum.

Learn how to take care of your baskets like they live in a museum!

After a 20-year legal career, Celeste Whitewolf (Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla) dedicated herself to learning and teaching the art of basket weaving.

Learn about the unique quality of Huckleberries gathered near Mount St. Helens and how to make them into delicious muffins with Burke Museum Tribal Liaison Polly Olsen (Yakama).

Learn how to make Nettle Pesto with Tribal Liaison Polly Olsen from ingredients found right in our own backyards!