Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington
Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington

One Mission, One Burke

In 310 images, RYAN! Feddersen's (Okanogan & Lakes) 60-foot-tall mural, Synecdoche, encompasses everything unique about the Burke and, like the Burke, always reveals something new.

Synecdoche is a vivid reminder that across departments, collections, and disciplines, together we are One Burke, stronger than the sum of our parts and united in our commitment to serving our community even when our doors are temporarily closed. 

YOU are also part of One Burke. As we work to connect with our audiences in new (mostly digital) ways and take care of our staff and collections, the impact of your gift is immeasurable.

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Your support of One Burke ensures the resilience of the museum resources that so many rely upon. Thank you!

Photo: Andrew Waits
Photo: Andrew Waits

Support Programs & Research

What do you love about the Burke? You can make a gift that supports your specific area of interest or favorite program.

Bill Holm Center

The Bill Holm Center is a premier center for the study of Native arts of the Pacific Northwest. 


The Heritage department cares for more than one million archaeological and contemporary cultural objects from around the world.

Arachnology & Entomology

The Arachnology & Entomology Collection contains specimens of spiders, insects, and allied invertebrates.

Genetic Resources

The Genetic Resources Collection is a "library" of biodiversity, containing frozen tissues for use in molecular research.


The Herpetology Collection includes amphibians and reptile specimens from around the world.


The Ichthyology Collection includes preserved fish specimens from around the world. 


The Malacology Collection includes a broad diversity of modern molluscs from around the world.


Mammal specimens from all continents except Antarctica with a strong emphasis in the Pacific Northwest.


The Ornithology Collection consists of birds from the Pacific Northwest, North America, and many other parts of the world.

Plants & Fungi (Herbarium)

The Herbarium (WTU) Collection is an international resource for research into Pacific Northwest plants, fungi, lichen and algae. 

Invertebrate & Micropaleontology

The Invertebrate Paleontology and Micropaleontology Collections include more than 2.5 million fossils and microfossils.


Paleobotany Collections include fossil leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits, wood, plant microfossils, and fossil insects.

Vertebrate Paleontology

The Vertebrate Paleontology Collections include fossil mammals, birds, dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.

Education & Public Programs

The Burke Museum provides high quality science and cultural learning experiences to students of all ages in Washington state and innovative special programs for the entire community.

DIG Field School

Help K–12 educators participating in the DIG Field School get hands-on experience working in the field.

close up of purple camas in bloom
Photo: Nikki Macgregor/Burke Museum
Photo: Nikki Macgregor/Burke Museum

Camas Circle

Join the Camas Circle with a gift of $1,000 or more and support the Burke's mission.

madrone tree
Photo: Cathy Morris/Burke Museum
Photo: Cathy Morris/Burke Museum

Madrone Circle

Through a planned gift, you can ensure the Burke’s resources are available to all, for the next 130 years and beyond.

numerous people hold cards with numbers on them in the air during a "raise the paddle" fundraiser
Photo: Seattle Met
Photo: Seattle Met

Fundraising Events

Community leaders, corporate sponsors and friends of the Burke come together throughout the year to raise funds to support the museum. 


Burke Museum Development Office
University of Washington, Box 353010
Seattle, WA 98195


a student and professor look at art together

Our Work

At the Burke, we bring together people, objects and the stories that make them meaningful.

Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington
Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington