DIG Field School

Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum
Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum


Prepare to get your hands dirty and teach with a whole new perspective!

Over the course of four days each summer, K–12 teachers can get hands-on experience in paleontology, geology and evolution by participating in active field research sites located in Montana or Arizona.

This program provides teachers with hands-on, immersive practice in STEM subjects along with skills to engage their students in authentic scientific research. Investigate the rise of dinosaurs in Arizona or the extinction of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals in Montana, then take what you learn with you back into the classroom with one of our DIG Burke Boxes.

DIG field school participants work in the field
Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington
Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington

About the DIG Field School

Hands-on experience

DIG Field School participants get hands-on experience working in the field with Burke and University of Washington and Virginia Tech researchers.

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Familiarize students with geology and paleontology while teaching them about what researchers do in the field and lab.


DIG Field school: digfs@uw.edu

DIG Burke Boxes: burked@uw.edu


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