Virtual Tour: Nancy Kovalik's Collection of Northwest Coast Native Art

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Sunday, September 18
3 PM

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Join the Bill Holm Center and the Friends of Native Art for a special virtual tour of Joe & Nancy Kovalik's collections of Northwest Native Art.

Joe & Nancy Kovalik began collecting Northwest Coast Native art in 1989. It was meant to just be art for the house they had recently purchased and the collection now encompasses the entire house. Their grandchildren have grown up learning about the art & meeting the artists. Many pieces were purchased directly from the artists themselves. 

Artists represented are, among others, Robert Davidson, David Boxley , David R. Boxley, Ben Davidson, Reg Davidson, Aggie Davis, Isabel Rorick, Alfy Collinson.  

Pieces from their collection are often loaned out for display: a Delores Churchill tunic was just returned from the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. Two robes are on their way home from Juneau, Alaska.

To join the event on Sunday, September 18 at 3 PM, please use this Zoom link:

This event is FREE and open to all. 

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This event is made possible with support from Friends of Native Art (FONA).