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Join the Bill Holm Center and the Friends of Native Art for a special virtual tour of Joe & Nancy Kovalik's collections of Northwest Native Art

Spokane artist Shawn Brigman specializes in making bark sturgeon-nose canoes, a unique form of vessel wrapped in thick bark. He recently made and deliver one to the Burke Museum to be housed in the permanent collections.

Join Samoan storyteller Kiana Fuega for a lively presentation about how people across Moananuiākea (the vast Pacific) kept account of their surroundings and histories without ever having a written language. 

Lucinda Turner will discuss the theft and fraud in Northwest Coast Indigenous Art she has witnessed over the last four years.

The Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Native Art at the Burke Museum will be welcoming 12 individuals and groups into the museum as a part of their Connections to Culture Visiting Researcher Grant.

Curatorship honors decades of contributions to the field of archaeology and repatriation

Karen Duffek will feature some of the historical Northwest Coast artworks that are now the subject of study by First Nations artists and community members.

From Seattle’s Seward Park to a coral reef in the South Pacific, a new special exhibition opening at the Burke Museum—Life in One Cub