Drawing Wild Washington

Ilustration: Jed Dunkerly
Ilustration: Jed Dunkerly

Get to know your neighbors

Learn to draw plants and animals from all over Washington state in the Burke Museum's new video series with artist Jed Dunkerley.

Watch FREE how-to videos and download coloring pages from Jed's Ecosystems of Washington mural at the Burke.

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Illustration: Jed Dunkerley
Illustration: Jed Dunkerley

Wild Washington in your home

Donate today and receive a special silkscreened poster of Ecosystems of Washington by artist Jed Dunkerley.

Featured as a mural in the Burke's Learning Lab, you can now bring a piece of the museum home with this limited edition 19"x25" print.

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Ecosystem Drawing Lessons & Coloring Pages

Orca whales, bull kelp, and even an octopus! All this and more in Jed's exploration of Washington's coastal marine ecosystem.


A heron, beaver, and more make an appearance in the Puget Sound wetlands coloring page. 


Banana slugs and salamanders are a lot less slimy when they're just on a coloring page!


Hop to it and color a jackrabbit, grasshopper, and more in the shrub-steppe coloring page.


Visit the heights of the alpine ecosystem with the raven, Rocky Mountain butterfly, and more in this coloring page!


Quick! Color the fast-moving creatures in the ponderosa pine woodland coloring page before they scurry away.


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Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington
Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington