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Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum
Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum

Just add imagination

Coloring pages, a nature scavenger hunt, and more, all featuring
specimens and exhibits at the Burke.

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kid doing shark hat craft



Learn about herpetology!

See your artwork spring to life with these coloring sheets by Curio Interactive.

Get started:

1. Download, print, and color the coloring sheets below.

2. Visit

3. Follow the brief instructions in the "How-to" menu and see inside the animals you colored!

 Note: Want Curio to share your artwork? Color the small circle next to "Can we share your art?" on the left side of each coloring page.

Coloring Critters

Finish the pattern on this Northern Pacific rattlesnake.

Download PDF

A look inside the family Chamaeleonidae. What patterns will you create? What does the environment look like?

Download PDF

Can you connect the dots to reveal the creatures?

Download PDF

Northern Pacific rattlesnake
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About Curio Interactive

Curio Interactive is a team of natural science illustrators who know that when you spend time with a species, drawing it and studying it, you develop a deeper connection to the natural world. Their online experiences reveal the hidden wonders of nature through the intersection of art, science, and technology.

Mount St. Helens coloring page

Learn how the ecosystems and landscape around Mount St. Helens changed in the years since the 1980 eruption.

Download PDF

Draw the missing dino parts

Learn about how dinosaurs adapted to their environments and protected themselves.

Download PDF

Ice Age paper puppets

These puppets will be the best-dressed Ice Age creatures ever!

Download PDF

Pterodactyl flyer

Pterodactlys will soar through the skies again with this project.

Download PDF

Shark hat

The perfect accessory for any activity.

Download PDF

Nature scavenger hunt

Take a peek at the world in your neighborhood.

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a class of girls work on science lessons

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Photo: Cathy Morris/Burke Museum
Photo: Cathy Morris/Burke Museum