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The paleontology collections have been busy with visiting researchers. Let's meet a few!

Through personal stories and unique perspectives, this video series presents community members' interpretation of words like decolonization and diversity, and invites viewers to reflect on their own definitions.

As of March 1, 2022, Dr. Gabriela Chavarria is the new Executive Director of the Burke Museum.

A new study traces the first tusks back to ancient mammal relatives that lived before the dinosaurs.

A team of Burke Museum and University of Washington paleontologists excavated four dinosaurs in northeastern Montana this summer.

Burke Museum Tribal Liaison and Yakama Nation member Polly Olsen shares the work and relationships involved in creating land acknowledgements. 

New study analyzes role of scent compounds in the co-evolution of bats and pepper plants.

A recent study published in the journal Biotropica by Burke Museum researchers provides an important roadmap to conserving rough-nosed horned lizards (Ceratophora aspera) in Sri Lanka. 

Join Tony A. (naschio) Johnson (Chinook) as he tells the stories represented in his art installation, Guests from the Great River.