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Burke members are invited to drop by the Learning Lab for hands-on archaeology activities.

Curatorship honors decades of contributions to the field of archaeology and repatriation

Join us for a conversation about how archaeology can be used to better understand climate change. The program will be moderated by Sara Gonzalez, Burke Museum Curator of Archaeology, and feature Briece Edwards and David Harrelson from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

Gonzalez is the 14th curator at the Burke, and joins Dr. Peter Lape as the second curator of archaeology at the museum.

Come learn about the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea from the collections of Dave Cole, one of the very first archaeologists to survey the region.

Step inside the Archaeology Collection Workroom and chat with research staff and volunteers working with collections.

On a hot day in early July, a replica Coast Salish s.dəxʷìł dugout hunting canoe launched in the Green River.

Chat with staff and volunteers working with collections, and find out how collections answer questions about our world.

Monday, October 14, was Indigenous Peoples' Day in the City of Seattle and at the new Burke Museum!