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From Seattle’s Seward Park to a coral reef in the South Pacific, a new special exhibition opening at the Burke Museum—Life in One Cub

A team of Burke Museum and University of Washington paleontologists excavated four dinosaurs in northeastern Montana this summer.

Burke Museum Tribal Liaison and Yakama Nation member Polly Olsen shares the work and relationships involved in creating land acknowledgements. 

New study analyzes role of scent compounds in the co-evolution of bats and pepper plants.

A recent study published in the journal Biotropica by Burke Museum researchers provides an important roadmap to conserving rough-nosed horned lizards (Ceratophora aspera) in Sri Lanka. 

A new study reveals that 65 plant species have gone extinct in the continental United States and Canada since European settleme

Get a close-up look at our planet at this rockin' after-hours party.

Scientists have discovered an extraordinary collection of fossils that reveal in detail how life recovered after a catastrophic event.

Discover how fossils reveal evidence of Earth’s transformation over time—and what the future might hold.