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Join Ray Troll, Kirk Johnson, and the Burke Museum for a live celebration of the Cruisin' the Fossil Coastline temporary exhibit.

A new study by Burke Museum paleontologists finds the earliest evidence of mammal social behavior that goes back to the Age of the Dinosaurs.

The Burke's Education Fun Pack program provides hours of hands-on and virtual STEAM curriculum to engage young scientists.

Celebrate National Fossil Day with us!

Fossils don't come out of the ground looking very camera ready. Come learn how our fossil prep staff turns hunks of rock into beautiful fossils.

While fossils give us a peek into what long extinct species left behind, paleoartists show us what these species were like while they still roamed the earth.

Give your budding paleontologist a birthday they'll never forget with one-of-a-kind prehistoric parties at the Burke Museum.

Dig into this exciting topic with hands-on activities you can do at home!

What's the difference between a mastodon and a mammoth? Find out at our February I Dig Dinos program!