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Photo: Andrew Waits
Photo: Andrew Waits

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Two (2) named adults + up to four (4) youth ages 4-18
One (1) named adult
Two (2) named adults
Two (2) named adults + up to four (4) youth ages 4-18

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As of September 14, 2020, all members will receive digital membership cards. Digital membership cards make a positive impact on the environment, while providing easy access to your membership benefits and helping us better serve members like you.

Add Ons

Youth ages 4-18 (ages 0-3 are free)
Limit two (2) per membership
Upgrade one (1) named adult to flexible guest card that can be used by anyone
Add access to 1,000+ museums and cultural centers with NARM and ROAM reciprocal admission programs
SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER: Treat your favorite junior paleontologist to a treasure box of fun activities, including exclusive access to virtual resources featuring Burke scientists and educators. Save $20 on each Fossil Fun Pack you add to your membership.


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We offer a $10 discount if any adult on your membership qualifies for one of the following.

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