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The pollen fossil record could unveil how different stressors affect global ecosystems.

What happened to life on Earth during the Cretaceous, the end of the Age of Dinosaurs?

Dig into paleontology at the Burke’s annual festival of fossils! 

A new study traces the first tusks back to ancient mammal relatives that lived before the dinosaurs.

Enjoy paleontology-themed activities throughout the month of October as part of National Fossil Month!

A team of Burke Museum and University of Washington paleontologists excavated four dinosaurs in northeastern Montana this summer.

Burke Museum Curator of Paleobotany Dr. Caroline Stömberg shares how paleobotany, the study of fossil plants, can teach us about past environments and climates, and help us to better predict what the future might look like.

Learn about the geologic history of the Seattle area and some of the surprising fossils found right in the Burke's backyard.