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Object #2312
Object nameHeaddress, Frontlet
Culture of OriginTlingit, Sitka
MaterialsWood, Ermine, Swansdown, Sea Lion Whiskers, flicker feathers, Canvas, Abalone, Paint, Red, Blue, Black
TechniquesCarved, Painted
DimensionsH: 17 in, L: 33 in, W: 14 in
Exhibit LabelGeorge Emmons collected this headdress from a chief of the Koskedi Raven clan at Sitka, Alaska. Although Tlingit headdresses are often attributed to the Tsimshian, many frontlets, including this one, are clearly Tlingit in style. The frontlet's height, the form and arrangement of figures, the blue-painted rim with its widely separated abalone plaques, the red trade flannel, and the mallard-skin border, all point to Tlingit origin. The figures carved on the frontlet are a raven and a large head that resembles a bear. (Holm, Spirit and Ancestor, 1987)
SourceMr. George T. Emmons

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