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Object #2.5E1524
Object nameRobe
Culture of OriginLummi
Maker or ArtistBill James, Fran James
MaterialsWool, Sheep, Black, Gray, Black, White
TechniquesHandspun, Twill Weave
Exhibit LabelThis robe was woven on a Salish loom such as 1989-26/12. It is twilled, which is a weaving technique that involves taking a single weft (horizontal element) over and under two warps (vertical elements) at a time, and shifting each row over by one warp. This gives a diagonal texture or twill to the weaving. Colored patterns are achieved by altering the colors of the warp and weft yarns.
DimensionsL: 250.0 cm, W: 104.0 cm
SourceMr. Bill James and Ms. Fran James
CreditGift of Fran James and Bill James

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