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Object #1-1458
Object nameHeaddress Frontlet
Culture of OriginKwakwaka'wakw
MaterialsWood, Paint, Red, Black, Green, Blue, Abalone
TechniquesCarved, Painted, Inlaid
DimensionsL: 20.0 cm, W: 16.0 cm, D: 14.0 cm
Exhibit LabelFamily crests are displayed on carved wooden plaques attached to dance headdresses. These have a long trailer of ermine skins and a crown of upright sea lion whiskers. This whisker "fence" holds eagle down, symbolizing peace, that cascades out as the dancer bobs his or her head. This gives the name Feather Dances to the Tlasula.
SourceMrs. Walter C. Waters
CreditPurchased from Mrs. Walter C. Waters

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