Bill Holm Center

Photo: Burke Museum
Photo: Burke Museum

For the Study of Northwest Native Art

The Bill Holm Center is a premier center for the study of Native arts of the Pacific Northwest. Through research grants, public outreach, online resources and publications the Center works to:

  • Establish a globally accessible learning center at the Burke Museum
  • Promote scholarly research on Northwest Native art
  • Increase Native and public access to research resources
  • Foster appreciation and understanding of Native art of the Pacific Northwest

“Studying like this is an extension of our apprenticeship with our ancestors.”

Evelyn Vanderhoop (Haida)

Grant Opportunities

The Bill Holm Center offers research grants to Native artists and other researchers as well as University of Washington graduate students who are interested in Northwest Native Art. Applications are reviewed by the Bill Holm Center advisory board and awarded once a year. Coming soon: Artist-in-Residence 2020.

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Artist Family Fellowship

Supports the travel and study at another institution, as well as teaching and art production for a group of participants.

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Supports mentor artists in the transference of cultural and artistic knowledge with apprentices.

a woman leads a group workshop on basketry


Supports artists, communities, or arts organizations in hosting workshops offsite in a local community or onsite at the Burke Museum (starting October 2019).

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Visiting Researcher

Funds for artists/researchers to travel to the Burke Museum starting October 2019.

Search the Collections

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Photo: Sven Haakanson/Burke Museum
Photo: Sven Haakanson/Burke Museum

The Bill Holm Center is part of the Culture Department at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. 

Contemporary Culture

Search or browse for Pacific Northwest Native art at the Burke through the Contemporary Culture Database. Photographs of most cultural objects and over 5,000 photos from our archive collections are accessible online.

Contemporary Culture Database


Archaeological artifacts and records are available by filtering for "Archaeology" in the Burke Museum Collections Database.

Archaeology Database

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BHC News & Updates

Stay informed about grant application openings, news and other periodic email updates from the Bill Holm Center.


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an older gentleman stands in front of his carvings inspired by Northwest Native Art
Photo: Allyce Andrew
Photo: Allyce Andrew

About the Bill Holm Center

The Burke Museum established the Bill Holm Center in 2003. The Center honors Bill Holm’s remarkable career and continues his legacy of sharing the resources of the Burke Museum with people and communities across the globe.

About Bill Holm

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Support the Bill Holm Center

The work of the Bill Holm Center is made possible by the generous support of individuals and foundations passionate about fostering appreciation and understanding of Northwest Native art. 

Photo: Richard Brown Photography
Photo: Richard Brown Photography