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Photo: Burke Museum
Photo: Burke Museum

The Bill Holm Center offers research grants to Native artists and other researchers as well as University of Washington graduate students who are interested in Northwest Native Art.

Our Connections to Culture grant program facilitates opportunities for artists, researchers, and students to engage in collections-based study with the Northwest Native Art and Plateau collections at the Burke Museum. Through this program, grantees can expand their artistic and cultural knowledge, inspire personal practice, and aid in the transmission of artistic and cultural knowledge throughout communities and across generations. 

Additionally, Connections to Culture grants also support discourse and dialogue on best practices for the exhibition of Indigenous art through an annual Curatorial Workshop. This program provides a forum for curators of Native American and First Nations art collections to discuss issues of ethical exhibition practices, protocols of care, access, and collaboration.

Connections to Culture programming is funded by the Henry Luce Foundation.

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Photo: Timothy Kenney/Burke Museum
Photo: Timothy Kenney/Burke Museum

Connections to Culture grants

These grants include options to supplement the research experience with accompanying researchers, public demonstrations in the Burke Museum’s artist studio, and/or onsite artist workshops. Visiting researcher grants are awarded for a period of 1–3 days of research time, 2 travel days, and any additional days needed for demonstrations or workshops. Grant award includes funding to cover meals, transportation, lodging, and an honorarium.

Applicants may also apply for additional funding for:

  • Travel for additional mentors, apprentices, elders, and colleagues
  • Hourly compensation for demonstrations in the Artist Studio
  • Onsite collections-based workshop supplies and artist fees

Virtual collections access before/after in-person visits are also available. Applications are reviewed by the Bill Holm Center advisory board and awarded once a year. 

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Applications for Connections to Culture grants are open!

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Curatorial Workshop

Reinstallation of Permanent Galleries of Native American and/or American Art — Working with Artists and Communities

January 25–27, 2024

Apply for a gathering of experienced and emerging curators for a 3-day workshop at the Burke Museum (University of Washington, Seattle) to discuss your challenges, hear about the experiences of other curators, and brainstorm together on best practices in our field. The Curatorial Workshop will provide a forum for curators of Native American and First Nations art collections to discuss issues of ethical exhibition practices, protocols of care, access, and collaboration. This will be a seminar-style workshop for participants to bring their understanding of Indigenous artistic and cultural heritage for professional development and continued curatorial training.

Applications for this curatorial workshop are now closed.


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Support the Bill Holm Center

The work of the Bill Holm Center is made possible by the generous support of individuals and foundations passionate about fostering appreciation and understanding of Northwest Native art. 

Photo: Richard Brown Photography
Photo: Richard Brown Photography