Amphibians & Reptiles



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Come about learn about our native garter snakes with Herpetology Collection Manager Peter Miller and how to identify these amazing creatures. Oh, and you'll also learn how they got named after old timey socks in the first place!

Step inside the Paleontology Collection Workroom doors to chat with research staff and volunteers working with collections. 

Chat with staff and volunteers working with collections, and find out how collections answer questions about our world.

Discover how life has evolved across time and space, how it’s still changing today, and how it might change in the future.

Celebrate Grand Opening with singers, dancers, poets and DJs, and be among the first to see the New Burke!

What is the difference between a salamander and a lizard? What is the largest salamander? What is the smallest salamander? 

How many amphibians are in Washington state? Do we have non-native/invasive frogs in Washington? There used to be so many frogs here when I was young, where did they all go?

Why are frogs so endangered? Why should I care if amphibians are endangered? What amphibians are endangered in Washington state? 

Do frogs sleep? How do frogs hear? Why do frogs eat their own skin?