Northwest Native Art Gallery

Photo: Andrea Godinez/Burke Museum
Photo: Andrea Godinez/Burke Museum

The Northwest Native Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the Burke Museum.

As visitors enter the space, they walk past the three-story mural Synecdoche by artist RYAN! Feddersen (Okanagon and Lakes) and the visible Contemporary Culture Collections Workroom.

What is your artistic heritage? Six Pacific Northwest Native artists from across the region answered this question in creating the inaugural exhibit in the Northwest Native Art Gallery. Featuring both newly-created and historic basketry, carvings, multimedia art, and more, these women bring personal meanings to Native art while embracing the heritage of their ancestors and cultures.

In addition to rotating exhibitions from Native artists, the gallery is anchored by permanent displays of monumental objects including a 35-foot canoe, welcome figure, totem poles, and house posts. The gallery is adjacent to the visible Contemporary Culture Collections Storage Room.

Instructions for virtual gallery tour on this website:

To see individual areas of the gallery, click on the side menu for close-up videos and associated exhibition labels. Labels are accessible by clicking on buttons below each video and are in the order in which you see them in the videos.