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The paleontology collections have been busy with visiting researchers. Let's meet a few!

Learn more about research in the Burke malacology collections.

The Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Native Art at the Burke Museum will be welcoming 12 individuals and groups into the museum as a part of their Connections to Culture Visiting Researcher Grant.

The Núun ken’witnéewit (Our way of Weaving) artist family concluded their grant with a gifting ceremony at the Burke Museum.

The Burke Museum is excited to announce grant applications are open for Native artists to visit the museum’s cultural collections. 

A team of Burke Museum and University of Washington paleontologists excavated four dinosaurs in northeastern Montana this summer.

New study analyzes role of scent compounds in the co-evolution of bats and pepper plants.

A recent study published in the journal Biotropica by Burke Museum researchers provides an important roadmap to conserving rough-nosed horned lizards (Ceratophora aspera) in Sri Lanka. 

A new study reveals that 65 plant species have gone extinct in the continental United States and Canada since European settleme