New Burke



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Read through reflections from the Class of 2020 about their time working at the Burke Museum!

Fossils don't come out of the ground looking very camera ready. Come learn how our fossil prep staff turns hunks of rock into beautiful fossils.

Artist RYAN! Feddersen's 60-foot-tall mural, “Synecdoche," represents intersections between history, culture, and contemporary pop culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the past four years, some 70,000 native plants were grown for the new Burke Museum landscape.

More than 8,000 people celebrated grand opening this past weekend.

The new Burke Museum is now open after celebrating its Grand Opening Weekend.

The Burke Museum's Baird's beaked whale is one of about 10 Baird's beaked whales in U.S. museum collections and offers incredible insights into a species that is rarely seen or studied.

Light is once again shining through a magnificent 16-foot tall Tiffany stained glass window named "Peacock with Hollyhocks and Morning Glories."

Celebrate Grand Opening with singers, dancers, poets and DJs, and be among the first to see the New Burke!