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Virtual all-ages program for families

Through May 2, 2021

Learn more about science illustrator Sami Chang's art, research, and mollusc masterpieces!

A new outdoor installation called Guests of the Great River greets guests as you arrive at the museum’s east entrance.

Ecology and illustration have a long, shared history. Come learn how UW postdoc Simone Des Roches uses illustration to visualize her research.

While fossils give us a peek into what long extinct species left behind, paleoartists show us what these species were like while they still roamed the earth.

Artist RYAN! Feddersen's 60-foot-tall mural, “Synecdoche," represents intersections between history, culture, and contemporary pop culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Step inside the Artist Studio doors and chat with visiting artists as they work.

Buy a meaningful and unique holiday gift while supporting Indigenous and Native artists and the Burke Museum!