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We look forward to welcoming your child to camp! Please note:
  • You'll need to complete a separate registration form for each camper.
  • Aftercare costs increase to $30 per day if added after submitting this registration form. 
  • Cancellations must be made two weeks prior to camp to receive a refund.
  • If you are applying for cost assistance, please use this form to register your camper.




Acknowledgement of Risk
Risks inherent to Burke Museum Camps include, but are not limited to, bodily injury or illness due to: 

- Uneven terrain and natural hazards.
- Contact with flora, fauna, and airborne allergens in public eating areas and outside excursions. This includes but is not limited to allergens such as pollen, dust, insect stings, and airborne food allergens.
- Severe and/or unpredictable environmental conditions and events including weather and natural disasters.
- Riding or traveling in motorized vehicle for offsite excursions.
- Falls, scrapes, or drowning while exploring outdoor areas and bodies of water.

I acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent in summer camp, including but not limited to those indicated above. I acknowledge that all risks cannot be prevented and I assume those risks beyond the control of the University staff.

Medical Permission
I give permission to the camp staff to provide appropriate first aid of minor injuries. Should my minor child require emergency medical treatment, I consent to such treatment. I acknowledge that the University of Washington does not provide health and accident insurance for camp and I agree to be financially responsible for any medical bills incurred as a result of emergency medical treatment. I will notify camp staff in writing if my minor child has medical conditions about which emergency medical personnel should be informed.

Media Release
I hereby grant permission to the Burke Museum to take photographs and/or videos of my child during camp. It is understood that these may be used in future publications, advertising, and/or promotional purposes by the Burke Museum.

Clicking “Yes, I agree” gives permission and permits use of said images and/or video footage as the Burke Museum deems fit. This document serves as your only notification of publication intent. 

Clicking “Yes, I agree” relieves the Burke Museum from responsibility for any and all claims that may be made.

Your Information (REQUIRED)
Please enter the information of the person making this camp purchase and registering the camper. We'll send the registration confirmation to this person's email address.

Additional Parent/Guardian Information (REQUIRED)

Additional Guardian/Caretakers authorized for pick up

List all that apply. We will only release your child to guardians on this form!
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