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Object #80.0/165
Object nameHeadband
CreditPurchased from Elizabeth Bayley Willis
SourceMrs. Elizabeth Bayley Willis

Object #2-1537
Object nameBeaded Bag
CultureSnoqualmie, Yakama
CreditPurchase from Evelyn Ennick and Jennie Hearn Kanim
SourceMrs. Evelyn Ennick & Mrs. Jennie Hearn Kanim

Object #81.0/148
Object nameArmor, Mask
CreditGift of Owen E. Cartmel
SourceMr. Owen E. Cartmel

Object #1859
Object nameDagger
CultureTlingit, Chilkat
LocaleKlukwan, Alaska
CreditPurchased with funds donated by Thomas Burke
SourceMr. George T. Emmons

Object #714
Object nameCarving, Figure
CultureSiberian Arctic, Chuckchi
LocaleFalse East Cape
CreditGift of Mary Parker White
SourceMrs. Mary Parker White

Object #8.7E147C
Object nameKozuka
SourceMr. Wm. Ian Anderson

Object #5-14061
Object nameArmor, Chest Protector, Mogami-Do, Helmet, Kabuto, Ornaments, Mask
SourceJohn F. Kolars

Object #2-1436
Object nameBasket
LocaleCentral California
CreditGift of Gene Elliott
SourceGene Elliott

Object #2-4250
Object nameBasketry Round Bag
CreditGift of Seattle Campfire Girls
SourceSeattle Campfire Girls

Object #2-11569
Object nameBlanket Strip
CultureNez Perce, Walla Walla, WA
LocaleWalla Walla, WA
CreditGift of the Estate of H. E. Holmes
SourceEstate of H. E. Holmes

Object #1997-34/40
Object nameInro, Netsuke
CreditGift of Thomas & Frances Blakemore
SourceMrs. Frances L. Blakemore

Object #HK-100/306
Object nameNarwhale Tusk
CultureAlaskan Arctic
CreditHeld-in-Trust for U.S. Department of the Interior
SourceDepartment of Interior

Object #10.0/353
Object nameLidded Basketry Jug
CultureAleut, Atka
LocaleAtka Is., Aleutian Islands, Alaska
SourceMrs. Hans Bierd

Object #8.5E350
Object nameTomb Figure
CreditGift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ross
SourceMr. Charles Ross; Mrs. Charles Ross

Object #427
Object nameCarving, Figure
CultureAleut, Unalaska Is.
LocaleUnalaska Is.
CreditGift of Mary Parker White
SourceMrs. Mary Parker White

Object #6698
Object nameJar
CreditPurchase from Harriette Hamilton
SourceMiss Harriette Hamilton

Object #1993-23/3
Object nameLidded Basket
CreditGift of Mrs. Maude F. Morrison
SourceMrs. Maude F. Morrison

Object #1-1468
Object nameDagger
CultureTlingit, Stikine
CreditPurchased from Mrs. Walter C. Waters
SourceMrs. Walter C. Waters

Object #1988-37/143
Object nameBarong, Scabbard
CultureMuslim, Basilan Island, Philippines
LocaleBasilan Island, Philippines
CreditGift of the Fort Lewis Military Museum
SourceFt. Lewis Military Museum

Object #1993-123/1
Object nameFigure
CulturePapua New Guinea, Lower Sepik, Watam Village
LocaleWatam Village
CreditGift of Mark Groudine and Cynthia Putnam
SourceMr. Mark Groudine

Object #2-1999
Object nameCribbage Board
CultureInupiaq, Bering Strait
CreditGift of A. Logan Claiborne
SourceMr. A. Logan Claiborne

Object #8.7E388
Object nameMask
CreditGift of Kenneth Heuer
SourceMr. Kenneth Heuer

Object #8.7E149
Object nameSword, Scabbard, Knife
CreditGift of the Estate of E. R. Butterworth
SourceButterworth, E. R., Estate of

Object #1-11318
Object nameDagger
LocaleSitka, AK
CreditGift of Colonel Gamborg-Andresen
SourceCol. Gamborg-Andresen

Object #2-506
Object nameHorn Bowl
CultureWishram?, Wasco?
LocaleYakama Reservation
CreditPurchase from Mrs. Paul D. Moran
SourceMrs. Paul D. Moran

Object #8.5E182
Object nameSnuff Bottle, Stopper, Stand
SourceEstate of Mildred K. Mayer

Object #955
Object nameBear Paw Rattle, Chief Shakes'
CultureTlingit, Stikine, Nanya.aayi
LocaleFort Wrangell, Alaska
CreditPurchased with funds donated by Thomas Burke
SourceMr. George T. Emmons