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The paleontology collections have been busy with visiting researchers. Let's meet a few!

Spokane artist Shawn Brigman specializes in making bark sturgeon-nose canoes, a unique form of vessel wrapped in thick bark. He recently made and deliver one to the Burke Museum to be housed in the permanent collections.

The Núun ken’witnéewit (Our way of Weaving) artist family concluded their grant with a gifting ceremony at the Burke Museum.

After a 20-year legal career, Celeste Whitewolf (Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla) dedicated herself to learning and teaching the art of basket weaving.

With working labs you can see into, it’s a new kind of museum—and a whole new way to experience our world.

Analyzing the limited samples of the oviraptorosaur to answer lingering questions about this species' growth and anatomy.

Researcher Susumu Tomiya is using photos of tiny teeth to understand the prehistoric origins of modern-day carnivores.

Studying microfossil teeth of the Sagebrush Vole from Washington state to understand a pattern of evolution.

A groundbreaking project to reestablish traditional dugout canoe culture among their five Inland Northwest member tribes.