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With working labs you can see into, it’s a new kind of museum—and a whole new way to experience our world.

Analyzing the limited samples of the oviraptorosaur to answer lingering questions about this species' growth and anatomy.

Researcher Susumu Tomiya is using photos of tiny teeth to understand the prehistoric origins of modern-day carnivores.

Studying microfossil teeth of the Sagebrush Vole from Washington state to understand a pattern of evolution.

A groundbreaking project to reestablish traditional dugout canoe culture among their five Inland Northwest member tribes.

Exploring how (and when) whales, dolphins and porpoises evolved the ability to efficiently swim through the water.

An extinct animal often cited as a ‘missing link’ between modern seals and their four-limbed, land-dwelling ancestors.

How does competition between species affect their long-term evolution?

What can the fossil record tell us about how seals and sea lions evolved into the animals they are today?