Tracking elusive lizards in Sri Lanka

Photo: Shanelle Wikramanayake
Photo: Shanelle Wikramanayake
May 8, 2019 | Burke Museum

Shanelle Wikramanayake, a University of Washington undergraduate researcher working with Burke Museum Herpetology Curator Adam Leaché, travels to Sri Lanka each summer to collect DNA samples from an endemic and elusive rough-nosed horned lizard (Ceratophora aspera) as habitat loss threatens its survival.


Special thanks: Gayeshan Arachchige, Dr. Adam Leaché, Nirmali Pallewatte, Dinal Samarasinghe, Dr. Eric Wikramanayake, Department of Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka, Colombo University, Mary Gates Endowment, Walter and Margaret Sargent Endowment.