Northwest Native Art: ArtTalk Symposium Session 1

June 25, 2015 | Bill Holm Center

The first session of the Burke Museum’s ArtTalk: Conversations on Northwest Native Art symposium includes presentations on collaborative research and community-based scholarship, including:

  1. Pat Courtney Gold, Fiber Artist, Independent Scholar and BHC Board Member presents "Research in Museums and it’s Contribution to Native Communities" (Clip starts at 7:10)
  2. Nadia Jackinsky Sethi, PhD, Alutiiq Art Historian presents "Remembering Heritage through the Arts in Alaska’s Communities" (Clip starts at 29:58)
  3. Kathryn Bunn, Marcuse, PhD, curator of Northwest Native Art at the Burke Museum, Kaleb Child, Kwakwaka'wakw First Nations educator, Coreen Child, Kwakiutl First Nation, and Tom Child, Kwakiutl First Nation Lands and Resource Manager present "G̱a̱lg̱a̱poła (Working Together) – A Collaborative Reframing of Kwakiutl Film and Audio Recordings with Franz Boas, 1930." (Clip starts at 49:24)
Posted: June 25, 2015