Completing the move to the New Burke

Photo: Charissa Soriano/Burke Museum
Photo: Charissa Soriano/Burke Museum
March 11, 2019 | Burke Museum

In May 2012, Burke Museum paleontologists discovered a dinosaur fossil at Sucia Island State Park, making it the first dinosaur fossil ever found in Washington state. This FIRST dinosaur fossil (nicknamed Suciasaurus) was recently part of another big moment for the Burke team—it has now made its way to the New Burke, making it the LAST object moved out of the old building. 

While the distance is relatively short (just 480 feet), this has been a monumental effort packing and moving lasting more than two years.

As we gear up for opening in fall, we're working hard to unpack objects in the new collections spaces, fabricate and install exhibits and complete the landscaping surrounding the New Burke.


Fossil: Courtesy of Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission – Sucia Island State Park.

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