Special Exhibit Proposal Process

Thank you for your interest in submitting an exhibit proposal to the Burke. All ideas are welcome, whether they are fully formed or still in the concept phase. 

How to submit

Please click the button at the bottom of this page and fill out the following form with as much detail as possible to have your proposal considered in the Burke's twice-yearly exhibit selection process. Proposals are typically reviewed in the spring and fall.

Review process

Once submitted, your proposal is evaluated by a cross-departmental committee of Burke staff including Collections, Visitor Experience, Education, Communications and Operations. This group evaluates how strongly each proposal connects to the Burke, aligns with our mission and visitor goals, and its similarity to other exhibits we've recently hosted. You may be contacted by Burke staff during this process if questions arise during the review.


The Burke is currently considering proposals to be scheduled for display 2-4 years from now. This schedule is necessary to allow time to fundraise, plan and implement each exhibit after they have been approved. Proposals are reviewed twice yearly, so it may be several months after submission before your proposal is brought to the committee. 
All questions regarding the process, or the timing and the status of your proposal can be directed to BurkeEXH@uw.edu.

Submit a proposal