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Rodents make up 40 percent of all mammal species, but researchers are still puzzled as to how they became so diverse.

The Burke Museum's Baird's beaked whale is one of about 10 Baird's beaked whales in U.S. museum collections and offers incredible insights into a species that is rarely seen or studied.

Discover how life has evolved across time and space, how it’s still changing today, and how it might change in the future.

Washington is home to 141 species of mammals. Learn all about their habits and habitats, what they eat, where they live, and more.

An interactive tree diagram showing the pathways of relatedness and historical evolution of today’s 29 different mammal orders.

A new study shows two major forces have shaped bat skulls over their evolutionary history: echolocation and diet. 

Download and print Pocket Bat cards and you can have a variety of 3D augmented reality bat skulls right in your pocket.

The “Pocket Bats!” outreach program uses augmented reality to allow people to hold replicas of bat skulls in the palm of their hand.