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Download and print Pocket Bat cards and you can have a variety of 3D augmented reality bat skulls right in your pocket.

A new study shows two major forces have shaped bat skulls over their evolutionary history: echolocation and diet. 

The “Pocket Bats!” outreach program uses augmented reality to allow people to hold replicas of bat skulls in the palm of their hand.

Researcher Kristin Campbell looks into whether skull anatomy and bite force explain dietary differences in sea otters.

For hundreds of years, a species of flying squirrel was hiding right under (actually, above) our noses. 

New research explores the unique evolutionary relationship between short-tailed fruit bats and New World pepper plants.

Burke Mammalogy researchers head to the North Cascades in pursuit of the elusive Northern Bog Lemming.

A Burke research team recently surveyed fruit bats living on the small island of Grenada.