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Object #1388
Object nameDrum
CultureTlingit, Stikine
LocaleWrangell, AK
CreditPurchased with funds donated by Thomas Burke
SourceMr. George T. Emmons

Object #1-978
Object nameDrum
CultureNorthern Northwest Coast
SourceMr. Harry James McIntyre, Jr.

Object #1989-98/10
Object nameDrum
CultureNorthwest Coast
CreditGift of Norman Topping
SourceDr. Norman Topping

Object #1-90
Object nameDrum
LocaleLa Push, WA
SourceMiss Marion Bush

Object #1999-84/1
Object nameDrum, Drum Stick
TitleHalibut and Fisherman
CreditGift of Doug & Nancy Morningstar
SourceMs. Nancy Morningstar

Object #1-1984
Object nameDrum
SourceMr. Paul Webb

Object #1988-117/6
Object nameDrum, Drumstick
CultureColville, Puyallup (Tribe)
CreditCommissioned from Stephen T. Noyes
SourceMr. Stephen T. Noyes

Object #1-2168
Object nameDrum
CultureNorthwest Coast
CreditCaroline McGilvra Burke Collection
SourceEstate of Caroline McGilvra Burke

Object #1992-7/1
Object nameDrum, Beater/Rattle
CreditGift of Ellen Ferguson
SourceMs. Ellen Ferguson