Coast Salish art resources

Photo: Burke Museum cat. no. 2000-124/1.
Photo: Burke Museum cat. no. 2000-124/1.

These are additional resources, including links to websites about canoes, basketry, stories, style, Coast Salish tribal and cultural centers, bibliographies on Chief Seattle, language, oral histories, archaeological sites and more related to the First Peoples of Western Washington and Southwestern British Columbia who speak the Coast Salish language.


Identifying your Grandmother's Basket - Native American Basketry

Teacher's Guide to Northwest Coast Basketry

Coast Salish Weaving Bibliography (PDF)


Ainu Canoe Journey (video)

Tribal Journeys - Native American and First Nations Canoe Journeys (external site)

Tribal Canoe Journeys (Facebook)

Canoes of the Web (for children)

Coast Salish Canoes Bibliography (PDF)

Story Poles

The Enduring Power of Totem Poles

SAM Curator Barbara Brotherton on Lummi Wood Carver Joseph Hillaire (video)

Joseph Hillaire: Carver of the Kobe-Seattle Sister City Friendship Pole (external site)

Objects & Collections

Coast Salish Art in the Burke Museum's Collections

"Entwined with Life": Native American Basketry

The Graphic Works of Susan A. Point from the collection of the Burke Museum


Coast Salish 2D Design (video)


Roger Fernandes Storytelling Project - Indian-Ed.Org (external site)

The Story of the North Wind Weir (PDF)

Turtle Island Storyteller Pauline Hillaire (external site)

Coast Salish Oral History Bibliography (PDF)

Other Resources

Coast Salish Public Art in King County, by Theme (external site)
Coast Salish Public Art in King County, by Artist (external site)
Coast Salish Cultures and Tribes Websites

Coast Salish Art Bibliography (PDF)

Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State (OSPI) - Indian-Ed.Org (external site)

The Archaeology of West Point

Salish Bounty: Traditional Native American Foods of Puget Sound

Chief Seattle Bibliography (PDF)

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Continue exploring the history of art in this region, what makes Coast Salish art distinctive among the many regional Northwest Coast styles, and the vitality of contemporary Coast Salish art.