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Photo: Sven Haakanson/Burke Museum
Photo: Sven Haakanson/Burke Museum

Burke staff members conduct research, care for specimens and objects, deliver programs throughout Washington state, and administer the museum.

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Last Name First Name Title Department Collection Email Phone
Last Name: Mayfield First Name: Madison Title: Assistant Collections Manager Department: Biology Collection: Ornithology Email Address:
Last Name: McCanna First Name: Aaron Title: Diversity, Equity, Access, Inclusion and Decolonization Manager Department: Administration Email Address:
Last Name: McClelland First Name: Ashley Verplank Title: Rights & Reproductions Manager Department: Heritage Collections: Bill Holm Center, Arts & Cultures Email Address: Phone: 206.543.6623
Last Name: McNeeley First Name: Justice Title: Repatriation Coordinator and Assistant Registrar Department: Registrar Collection: Archaeology Email Address: Phone: Repatriation Coordinator: 206.685.3849 (ext. 2); Assistant Registrar: 206.616.7318
Last Name: Miller First Name: Peter Title: Herpetology Collections Manager Department: Biology Collection: Herpetology Email Address: Phone: 206.920.9062
Last Name: Mills First Name: Milena Title: Graphic Designer Department: Communications Email Address:
Last Name: Monti First Name: Meredith Title: Development Associate Department: Development Email Address: Phone: 206.221.8530
Last Name: Morrissey First Name: Kristine Title: Lecturer Department: Museology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.8207
Last Name: Nason First Name: James Title: Curator Emeritus of American & Pacific Ethnology Department: Heritage Collection: Arts & Cultures Email Address: Phone: 206.543.9680
Last Name: Nesbitt First Name: Elizabeth A. Title: Curator Emeritus of Invertebrate Paleontology & Micropaleontology Department: Paleontology Collection: Invertebrate & Micropaleontology Email Address: Phone: 206.543.5949
Last Name: O'Donnell First Name: Wilson Title: Associate Director Department: Museology Email Address: Phone: 206.543.4642
Last Name: Olmstead First Name: Richard Title: Curator Emeritus of the Herbarium Department: Biology Collection: Plants & Fungi Email Address:
Last Name: Olsen First Name: Polly Title: Director of Diversity, Equity, Access, Inclusion & Decolonization / Tribal Liaison Department: Administration Email Address: Phone: 206.543.5946
Last Name: Olswang First Name: Jeannette Title: Private Events Manager Department: Operations Email Address: Phone: 206.221.7083
Last Name: Ormiston First Name: Rachel Title: Assistant Director of Communications Department: Communications Email Address: Phone: 206.543.1729
Last Name: Pelham First Name: Jon Title: Curatorial Associate of Butterflies Department: Biology Collection: Arachnology & Entomology Phone: 206.543.9853
Last Name: Pen First Name: June Title: BurkeMobile Lead Educator Department: Education Email Address:
Last Name: Phillips First Name: Laura Title: Collections Manager and Collections Management Representative Department: Heritage Collection: Archaeology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.3849 ext. 2
Last Name: Pietsch First Name: Theodore Title: Emeritus Curator of Ichthyology Department: Biology Collection: Ichthyology Email Address: Phone: 206.543.8923
Last Name: Raghavan First Name: Sumathi Title: Sr. Manager of Institutional Giving Department: Development Email Address: Phone: 206.616.1550