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Photo: Sven Haakanson/Burke Museum
Photo: Sven Haakanson/Burke Museum

Burke staff members conduct research, care for specimens and objects, deliver programs throughout Washington state, and administer the museum.

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Last Name First Name Title Department Collection Email Phone
Last Name: Johnson First Name: Bridget Title: Assistant Director for the Bill Holm Center Department: Culture Collection: Bill Holm Center Email Address: Phone: 206.543.5344
Last Name: Jonsson First Name: Bryndis Title: Events Coordinator Department: Development Email Address: Phone: 206.543.0421
Last Name: Kale First Name: Cameo Title: Archaeology Public Interpretation Coordinator Department: Culture Collection: Archaeology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.3849
Last Name: Keister First Name: Hollye Title: Registrar Department: Registrar Email Address: Phone: 206.616.7318
Last Name: Keleman First Name: Phoebe Title: Annual Giving & Campaign Specialist Department: Development Email Address: Phone: 206.221.8530
Last Name: Kenagy First Name: Jim Title: Curator Emeritus of Mammalogy Department: Biology Collection: Mammalogy Email Address: Phone: 206.719.1576
Last Name: Kennedy First Name: Melissa Title: Manager of Exhibit Experiences Departments: Exhibits, Interpretation Email Address: Phone: 206.543.5954
Last Name: Kenney First Name: Timothy Title: Digital Communications Coordinator Department: Communications Email Address:
Last Name: Klicka First Name: John Title: Curator of Birds Department: Biology Collection: Ornithology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.7201
Last Name: Kreidler First Name: Emily Title: Registration & Exhibits Move Assistant Department: Registrar Email Address:
Last Name: Lape First Name: Peter Title: Curator of Archaeology Department: Culture Collection: Archaeology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.3849 (ext. 2)
Last Name: Larios First Name: Josh Title: IT Manager Department: Operations Email Address: Phone: 206.616.6286
Last Name: Leaché First Name: Adam Title: Curator of Genetic Resources & Herpetology Department: Biology Collection: Herpetology Email Address: Phone: 206.543.7622
Last Name: Leatherman First Name: Devin Title: Burke Box Manager Department: Education Email Address: Phone: 206.221.2724
Last Name: Lee First Name: Jamie Title: HR Manager Department: Administration Email Address: Phone: 206.543.6846
Last Name: Linz First Name: Siri Title: Assistant Collections Manager Department: Culture Collection: Archaeology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.3849 (ext. 2)
Last Name: Luke First Name: Jessica Title: Director of the Museology Graduate Program Department: Museology Email Address: Phone: 206.685.3496
Last Name: Maldonado First Name: Pamela Title: BurkeMobile Manager Department: Education Email Address: Phone: 206.543.6948
Last Name: Martin First Name: Ruth Title: Research Associate of Invertebrate Paleontology Department: Paleontology Collection: Invertebrate & Micropaleontology Email Address: Phone: 206.543.1856
Last Name: Maslenikov First Name: Katherine Title: Collections Manager Collection: Ichthyology Email Address: Phone: 206.543.3816