SLIME Pacific Northwest

Follow the slime trail to the Pacific Northwest with the Burke Museum!

SLIME Pacific Northwest is a community science project that aims to chronicle the presence and distribution of land snails and slugs in the Pacific Northwest region.

collage of slugs and snails on a white background



From iconic Banana Slugs to Sidebands, the Pacific Northwest is renowned for its rich land snail and slug fauna. But there is still so much to learn, and that is why we need your participation. We are always on the hunt for interesting observations of both native species and introduced non-natives. If you have any questions, need an identification, or just want to get involved, please join SLIME Pacific Northwest using the iNaturalist platform.

SLIME Pacific Northwest follows the lead of its sister project SLIME (Snails and slugs Living in Metropolitan Environments), spearheaded by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County to document the land snails and slugs of southern California. Together in collaboration, SLIME and SLIME PNW will help track the slime trails across these two distinct regions, providing an improved understanding of our west coast terrestrial gastropods.

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