2021 Burke Museum Annual Report

November 8, 2021 | Julie K. Stein

Dear Friends,

I’ve never been afraid to make a few waves. 

Early on, as a female archaeologist finding my way at a time when the profession was largely dominated by men, and more recently, as the Executive Director of the Burke Museum, I’ve had to push past what was expected to get to what was important. 

Along the way, I’ve been lucky to find fellow wave-makers like you—supporters, donors, friends—who have shown the courage and determination to question the status quo and dive into the project of remaking a legacy institution facing a need for drastic change. Together we’ve built a Burke Museum that is strong and confident and not afraid to evolve.

More change awaits. The museum will welcome a new Executive Director this spring when I retire, one who will navigate new challenges, and have the pleasure of collaborating with our staff, donors, volunteers, and visitors to realize the potential of the Burke. We are already creating new research, educational models, and public programs that will advance our mission in unexpected, important, and wonderful ways. 

I hope you’ll take a moment to dive in with us and enjoy the Burke’s 2020–2021 Annual Report and reflect on all you’ve done to make this possible.

Come on in, friends, the water’s fine.

With gratitude,

Dr. Julie K. Stein


2021 Annual Report (PDF)