We Are Puget Sound

Photo: Brandon Cole
Photo: Brandon Cole

Experience the wonder of Puget Sound through the unique wildlife and living cultures that call the Salish Sea home. From Southern resident orcas and Chinook salmon to community gardens and the annual Canoe Journey, build a deeper connection with a region teeming with life. Hear from the scientists, tribal members, and community advocates working to conserve and heal the Salish Sea, because the choices we make today will determine the future of this region. 

We Are Puget Sound highlights people working to protect and restore this region. This special exhibit brings their stories to life with stunning photography, new insights, and the Burke Museum’s expansive collections. 

This exhibit is based on the book We Are Puget Sound: Discovering and recovering the Salish Sea published by Braided River in partnership with Washington Conservation Action. It features additional Burke-specific content, objects and stories created in collaboration with researchers and community members. 

June 3 – December 31, 2023
Floor 2, Special Exhibit Gallery

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