Salish Bounty

Photo: Elise Krohn
Photo: Elise Krohn

Traditional Native Foods of Puget Sound

Food is the essence of culture, from the collection, to the preparation, to the serving and then the eating of food; it is what makes us who we are. It binds us to our families, our community, our history, our identity, and our home.

While there have been enormous changes in Coast Salish Native diet and culture over the centuries, a core value of food has survived: food is a blessing, gratefully and respectfully gathered and prepared, given and received with just as much gratification and respect.

Salish Bounty was a temporary exhibit at the Burke Museum in 2012 then a traveling exhibit that went to museums and cultural centers across Washington state, inviting people to explore the deep history of Coast Salish diets and the reestablishment of more healthful and sustainable practices.

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