Trees Experience Alcove

Spring Activities for Kids & Families

Date & Time

March 15 - May 31, 2023

This event is in the past.


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4303 Memorial Way NE
Seattle, WA, United States

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Learn about the diversity and significance of trees with our hands-on activities.

Play the tree-themed Hidden Husky gallery hunt — spot the five hidden huskies in the galleries to earn a special cherry blossom pin you can decorate and wear home!

Floor 2 Biology Alcove

  • Uncover mysteries told by the rings of a tree.
  • Add magnetic leaves to our forest to learn more about trees and their types.  
  • Help our cherry trees bloom as you share things that bring you joy! 
  • Enjoy tree- themed books and puzzles in our family reading corner. 

Floor 3 Paleontology Alcove

  • Reconstruct ancient environments using our tabletop playmat. 
  • Create a tree leaf rubbing to take home.  
  • Look at fossil leaves under our digital microscope to see how the climate has changed over time.