Fossil Finders | Fossil Fashion

Photo: Burke Museum
Photo: Burke Museum

Date & Time

Sunday, October 29
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

This event is in the past.


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4303 Memorial Way NE
Seattle, WA, United States

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It’s Burke-or-Treat time!  

Celebrate Halloween and National Fossil Day by dressing up like your favorite fossil.

Bring your costume from home or make costume crafts at the Burke. Transform into a T. rex, become a beautiful ancient flower, make-believe you’re a mysterious sea creature — there are millions of years and millions of organisms to inspire you! Take a picture in the photo booth, then visit the touch table station to learn about horns, teeth, spikes, frills and more.  

Please note: Fossil Finders is open to everyone but is geared toward ages 3–8. 

a burke educator and a kid interact at a dig pit with fossil casts