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Visiting Scientist Tour

Dr. Catherine Townsend, senior regional geologist at the Burke Museum, will be visiting communities in Washington and Oregon to put earthquakes—past and future—in their place! Dr. Townsend is an award-winning teacher and researcher with special interests in the geologic history of North America and the Pacific Northwest. Her engaging presentation, "Earthquakes, Mountains, and the Geologic History of Washington" illustrates how our recent quake was a very personal encounter with the geologic forces that have created our region over more than a billion years. This unique public outreach program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

While there are no more 2002 bookings available for the visiting scientist and traveling exhibit The Big One: Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest there are dates available in 2003 -- please call 206-616-1550 for more information.

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Visiting Scientist Tour

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