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The Big One: Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwests
February 28–September 2, 2002

Shake, rattle, and roll at the Burke Museum! Earthquakes are coming....

We live in earthquake country. Past quakes have collapsed buildings, crushed cars, and closed Sea-Tac Airport—but it could have been far worse! The question is not if a Big One will occur here, but when.

Come see for yourself the destruction! The Big One exhibit opens on February 28—one year after Washington’s 2001 Nisqually quake. Peek inside the van crushed by bricks in Pioneer Square. Listen to 911 calls. Hear the excitement at Sea-Tac Air Traffic Control.

Tremors, tsunamis, and landslides, oh my! For fun, jump and watch your own earthquake waves. Explore our quake-ready house and learn to fix up your own. Chuckle at our scientific take on lava lamps. And get all shook up about the Big One at the Burke Museum.

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