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Washington Sea Grant
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University of Washington
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     Department of Civil Engineering
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Federal Emergency Management Agency
Seattle Public Utilities
Washington State Emergency Management Division

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center
Puget Sound Energy
United States Geological Survey
The Seattle Times
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
Seattle Project Impact
Cascadia Region Earthquake Work Group
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Museum of History and Industry


Academy Studios
Pedro Arduino
Asahi Shimbun
Brian Atwater
Eddie Bernard
William Bertrand
Richard Blakely
Derek B. Booth
Jody Bourgeois
Tom Brocher
Bill Bruner
George Crawford
Ken Creager
Marc Eberhard
Roger Faris
Art Frankel
Robert Freitag
Robin Friedman
Kevin Galvin
Joseph Glaser
James Good
Bob Goodwin
Edwin Harp
Ralph Haugerud
Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion, Japan
Eric Holderman
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
LuAn Johnson
Chris Jonientz-Trisler
Pan Kantiyavong
Rob Kayen
Katie Kozee
Steve Kramer
Ruth Ludwin
John Patrick Luethe
Steve Malone
Elizabeth Meeks
Andrew Moore
National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, UC, Berkeley
Northern Light Studio
Mark Nowlin
Oregon State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
Otterstream, Inc.
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Paulson’s Towing
Ines Pearce
Christine Peck
Port of Seattle
Tom Pratt
Quake Hold
Liz Roll
Seattle Geologic Mapping Project
Seattle Police Department
Brian Sherrod
Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire, Inc.
Dennis Smedsrud
John Stanton
Bill Steele
Julie Stein
C. Taylor
Barbara Thurman
Vasily Titov
Kathy Troost
University of Texas at El Paso
Jan Utterstrom
Meredith Wagner
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Western Motor Coach
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David Yamaguchi
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