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Life Abounds: Arctic Native Wildlife Art

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What is the Arctic?:

Online definition:

Arctic Circle:

NASA: Visible Alaska:

Record of the First International Arctic Year:

NASA: Visible Earth Satellite Images of the Arctic:

NASA: Satellite Global View of Arctic Ocean:

NOAA Arctic Theme Page:

Web Links for Children

Enchanted Learning: for printable coloring pages of arctic animals

Smithsonian Institution Arctic Studies Center

NOAA: Arctic Theme Page

Items from the KCLS Collection

(selected for variety of subject, quality of information, range of interest and age level)

For Children - Easy


Sweet Dreams, Polar Bear
Mindy Dwyer

Out on the Ice in the Middle of the Bay
Peter Cumming; art by Alice Priestley

Far North in the Arctic: Counting Alaska's animals
Cory Cooper Hansen

In the Arctic
Steve Lavis

Loony Little
Dianna Hutts Aston; illustrated by Kelly Murphy


Arctic Babies
Kathy Darling
E 591.998 DAR.

Arctic Tundra: Land with no trees
Allan Fowler
E 575.52644 FOW

North Pole, South Pole
Nancy Smiler Levinson; illustrated by Diane Dawson Hearn
E919.8 LEV

Amazing Arctic Animals
Jackie Glassman; illustrated by Lisa Bonforte
E591.758609 GLA

Land of Dark, Land of Light: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Karen Pandell; photographs by Fred Bruemmer
E 508.798 PAN

For Children - Juvenile

Ice drift
Theodore Taylor

Voyage of Ice: Chronicles of courage
Michele Torrey


The Bear Says North: Tales from northern lands
Retold by Bob Barton; illustrated by Jirina Marton
J398.209181 BAR

How Snowshoe Hare Rescued the Sun: A tale from the Arctic
Retold by Emery Bernhard; illustrated by Durga Bernhard.
J 398.2089 BER

The Dancing Fox: Arctic folktales
Edited by John Bierhorst; illustrated by Mary K. Okheena
J 398.208997 DAN

The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese, And Other Tales of The Far North
Told by Howard Norman; illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon
J 398.208997 NOR

Arctic Twilight: Old Finnish Tales
Samuli Paulaharju (1875-1944); translated by Allan M. Pitkanen
J 398.20948 PAU

Ka-Ha-Si and the Loon: A Eskimo legend
Terri Cohlene
J 398.208997


Arctic & Antarctic
Barbara Taylor
J 508.311 TAY

Arctic Tundra and Polar Deserts
Chris Woodford
J577.0911 WOO

Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights
Debbie S. Miller; illustrations by Jon Van Zyle
J591.409113 MIL

The Arctic Wolf
Fred H. Harrington
J599.773091 HAR

The Arctic Ocean
Doreen Gonzalez
J551.46132 GON

Arctic Foxes
Emily Rose Townsend
J599.7764 TOW

Life in the Arctic
Tamra B. Orr
J508.3113 ORR

Arctic Ocean
John F. Prevost
J551.468 PRE

The Big Caribou Herd: Llife in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Bruce Hiscock
J599.65 HIS

Melissa S. Cole; photographs by Tom and Pat Leeson
J577.586091 COL

Arctic Foxes
Downs Matthews
J 599.74442 MAT

Arctic Summer
Downs Matthews; photographs by Dan Guravich
J 599.0909 MAT

The Secret Language of Snow
Terry Tempest Williams and Ted Major; illustrations by Jennifer Dewey
J 551.5784

City Bear
Dougal Dixon
J599.786 DIX

Life in the Arctic
Sheldon Brooks
J508.3113 BRO

Sled Dogs: Arctic athletes
Elizabeth Ring
J 636.73 RIN

Native American Crafts of the Northwest Coast, the Arctic, and the Sub-Arctic
Judith Hoffman Corwin
J745.508997 COR

Song of the North
Poem by Frank Asch; photographs by Ted Levin
J 811.54 ASC.

The Perilous Search for the fabled Northwest Passage in American history
Karen Clemens Warrick
J910.916327 WAR

Journey into the Arctic
Bryan and Cherry Alexander
J919.8 ALE

The peoples of the Arctic
Kevin Osborn
J 979.8004 OSB

The Inuit: People of the arctic
Jennifer Fleischner
J 979.800497 FLE

Inuit Indians
Caryn Yacowitz
J971.900497 YAC

Activity Books

Polar Explorers for Kids: Historic expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic with Maxine Snowden
J919.804092 SNO

Young Adult/Teen

Arctic Scientists: Life studying the Arctic
Chris Hayhurst
Y509.11 HAY

Ancient People of the Arctic
Robert McGhee
Y971.901 MCG

Adult Nonfiction


Arctic Dance: the Mardy Murie story
Charles Craighead & Bonnie Kreps

The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and his family, alone in Alaska's Arctic wilderness
James Campbell

Give Me My Father's Body: The life of Minik, the New York Eskimo
Kenn Harper; foreword by Kevin Spacey

The Man who Mapped the Arctic
Peter Steele

The Winter Walk: A century-old survival story from the Arctic
Loretta Outwater Cox

179=Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Arctic Wars, Animal Rights, Endangered peoples
Finn Lynge; translated by Marianne Stenbaek.

300=Social Sciences

The Whale and the Supercomputer: On the northern front of climate change
Charles Wohlforth
305.89712 WOH

359=Public Administration

Under Ice: Waldo Lyon and the development of the Arctic Submarine
William M. Leary
359.93834 LEA

Submarines Under Ice: The U.S. Navy's Polar Operations
Marion D. Williams
359.930973 WIL

360=Social Services/Associations

Silent Snow: The slow poisoning of the Arctic
Marla Cone
363.738409 CON

Bloody Falls of the Coppermine: Madness, murder, and the collision of cultures in the Arctic, 1913
McKay Jenkins
364.152309 JEN


Arctic Schoolteacher: Kulukak, Alaska, 1931-1933
Abbie Morgan Madenwald.

390=Customs, Etiquette, Folklore

The Inuit: Glimpses of an arctic past
David Morrison and Georges-Hebert Germain


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of life and land
Subhankar Banerjee.
508.7987 BAN

A is for Arctic: Natural wonders of a polar world
Wayne Lynch
591.998 LYN

The Arctic Wolf: Ten years with the pack
L. David Mech
599.74442 MEC 1997

Three Among the Wolves: A couple and their dog live a year with wolves in the wild
Helen Thayer
599.77315 THA

Snow Geese: Grandeur and calamity on an Arctic landscape
Bruce Batt
598.417509 BAT

The World of the Arctic Whales: Belugas, bowheads, and narwhals
Stefani Paine
599.50916 PAI

A naturalist's guide to the Arctic
E.C. Pielou
508.98 PIE

Birds of the sea, shore and tundra
Theodore Cross

The Arctic Seas: Climatology, oceanography, geology, and biology
Yvonne Herman, ed.

Arctic Ecosystems in a Changing Climate: An ecophysiological perspective
Edited by F. Stuart Chapin III

Voyage of the Iceberg: The story of the iceberg that sank the Titanic
Richard Brown
551.342 BRO

Wolves of the high Arctic
Photographs by L. David Mech

Video Recording

Arctic Refuge: A vanishing wilderness?
National Audubon Society
VT 574.52

Arctic River
National Film Board of Canada
VT 574.52621


Mars on Earth: The adventures of space pioneers in the high Arctic
Robert Zubrin
629.455307 ZUB

When the Whalers were up North: Inuit memories from the Eastern Arctic
Dorothy Harley Eber
639.28 EBE


A Legacy of Arctic Art
Dorothy Jean Ray
704.03971 RAY

The Inuit Imagination: Arctic myth and sculpture
Harold Seidelman & James Turner
730.89971 SEI

Onley's Arctic: Diaries and paintings of the high Arctic
Toni Onley

Caribou Rising: Defending the Porcupine herd, Gwich-'in culture, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Rick Bass
799.27658 BAS

Sea, Ice, and Rock (climbing, sailing)
Chris Bonington and Robin Knox-Johnston
796.1246 BON

810= Literature

The Snow Walker
Farley Mowat


The Sea-Wolf
Jack London

900=Geography/ History/ Travel

910=Geog and Travel

Farthest North
Fridtjof Nansen, 1861-1930
919.804 NAN

Thirty Years in the Arctic Regions
by Sir John Franklin, 1786-1847; introduction by Bil Gilbert.

Ice Blink: The tragic fate of Sir John Franklin's lost polar expedition
Scott Cookman
919.804 COO

The Last Wild Edge: One woman's journey from the Arctic Circle to the Olympic rain forest
Susan Zwinger
917.19 ZWI

Frozen in Time: The fate of the Franklin expedition
Owen Beattie & John Geiger
919.804 BEA 2004

Bering: The Russian discovery of America
Orcutt Frost
917.98041 FRO

Fury Beach: The four-year odyssey of Captain John Ross and the Victory
910.916327 EDI

Solo to the Top of the World: Gus McLeod's daring record flight
Gustavus A. McLeod
910.91643 MCL

Polar Dream: The first solo expedition by a woman and her dog to the magnetic North Pole
Helen Thayer
917.1955 THA

Historical Atlas of the Arctic [cartographic material]
Derek Hayes
911.98 HAY

Polar Reaches: The history of Arctic and Antarctic exploration
Richard Sale
Seattle, WA : Mountaineers Books, 2002.
919.8 SAL

High latitudes: An Arctic journey
Farley Mowat
917.9043 MOW

Lost in the Arctic: Explorations off the Edge
Lawrence Millman
917.1904 MIL

Arctic Crossing: A journey through the Northwest Passage and Inuit culture
Jonathan Waterman
910.9163 WAT

Northwest Passage: Photographs and log
Robert Glenn Ketchum
910.9163 KET

Two years in the Pacific and Arctic oceans and China: being a journal of every day life on board ship, interesting information in regard to the inhabitants of different countries, and the exciting events peculiar to a whaling voyage
James F. Munger, 1830-1852.

Something Worth Doing: The sub-arctic voyage of Aqua Star
Judith Wright Chopra
910.45 CHO

Poles Apart: Parallel visions of the Arctic and Antarctic
Galen Rowell
919.8 ROW

Across the Top of the World: to the North Pole by sled, balloon, airplane, and nuclear icebreaker
David Fisher

Surface at the Pole: The extraordinary voyages of the USS Skate
James Calvert
919.8 CAL 1996

970=General Hist N. Am

Ainu: Spirit of a northern people
Edited by William W. Fitzhugh and Chisato O. Dubreuil
952.004946 AIN

The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher: An Elizabethan adventure
Robert McGhee
971.952 MCG

Inuksuit: Silent messengers of the Arctic
Norman Hallendy
971.901 HAL

Arctic Memories: Living with the Inuit
Fred Bruemmer
971.00497 BRU

Under Polaris: An Arctic quest
Tahoe Talbot Washburn
971.97 WAS

Prehistory of the Eastern Arctic
Moreau Maxwell

Across Time and Tundra: the Inuvialuit of the western Arctic
Ishmael Alunik, Eddie D. Kolausok, and David Morrison
971.93 ALU

Yearning Wild: Exploring the last frontier and the landscape of the heart
R. Glendon Brunk
979.805109 BRU

Crossroads Alaska: Native cultures of Alaska and Siberia
Valerie Chaussonnet
979.8004 CHA

A Place Beyond: Finding home in Arctic Alaska
Nick Jans
979.86 JAN

Edge of Tomorrow: An Arctic year
Sam Wright
979.87 WRI


UXL Encyclopedia of Native American tribes
Sharon Malinowski, Anna Sheets, and Linda Schmittroth, editors.
YR 970.00497 UXL v.3.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes
Edited by Sharon Malinowski
973.0497 GAL v.3


Ada Blackjack: A True Story Of Survival In The Arctic
Jennifer McJunkin

Exploration and Discovery

Narrative of an Expedition to the Polar Sea in the years 1820, 1821, 1822 & 1823
Ferdinand Wrangel, baron, 1796-1870

Arts and Cultures

Crossroads of Continents: Cultures of Siberia and Alaska
Smithsonian Institution Press

Practical Guides

Chilton's Repair & tune-up guide for snowmobiles, 1976-80: Arctic Cat, John Deere, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha
Walter J. Niesen

The complete idiot's guide to the Arctic and Antarctic
Jack Williams
919.8 WIL

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