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The photographic exhibit is complemented by Life Abounds: Arctic Native Wildlife Art-an exhibit featuring traditional and contemporary wildlife art from the Burke Museum's renowned Native American art collection and from the Inuit art collection of John and Joyce Price. The art depicts Arctic animals from the perspective of the Native people who have known, lived with, and depended upon these animals for thousands of years. Included are traditional masks and fetishes, carvings in stone, ivory, and bone, and colorful contemporary prints. The show includes work by Yup'ik, Inupiat, and Inuit artists.

Related Events:

Sat. & Sun., June 25, 26 10 am – 4 pm
Family Weekend – Visitors celebrated the opening of the exhibit with two days of activity offered for families, including Gwich’in storytelling, Arctic art and environmental science activities, and informational tables by local environmental groups. Tours of Life Abounds on Sunday at Noon and 2 pm by Inuit art collector John Price.

Free First Thursdays:
Featuring thematic evening events through the run of the exhibit. Admission is free (thanks to sponsorship by The Boeing Company) and the museum is open until 8 pm on July 7, Aug. 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 3, and Dec. 1.

July—Animals of the Arctic

• Thurs., July 7: Free First Thursday showing of the film, Being Caribou. Presented by Canadian Studies Center, University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies

• July 19 August 21: A field-based interdisciplinary summer course for students at the University of Washington taking them to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for observation and field work. Sponsored by the UW Program on the Enviornment and the Lucky Seven Foundation.

August—Native Cultures

• Thurs., August 4: Free First Thursday: UW Press presented a new book series on culture and the environment, featuring a reading by author Nancy Turner from her new book, Earth's Blanket: Traditional Teachings for Sustainable Living.

• Sat., August 27: Alaskan Native Arts 10am – 2pm —a family day with Native storytelling and hands-on art activities.

• Workshop for middle and high school teachers.

September—Arctic Migrations

• Sun., September 5: Life Abounds exhibit closes

• Thurs., September 29, 7 pm: Arctic Migrations lecture and panel event that featured Dr. Gordon Orians and other wildlife experts. Dr. Orians provided an overview of the Arctic and discussed migrations of birds, whales, caribou and polar bears. Sponsored by The Mountaineers. Presented at The Mountaineers Building, Seattle.

• Half-price admission all month for members of Burke partner organizations*

Children’s Programs (ongoing):
A one-hour hands-on program on Arctic cultures, arts, and environment was offered for children’s groups throughout summer 2005 and for school groups throughout fall 2005.

More thematic programs were scheduled through December 2005, including related programs on migrations, global warming, climate change, and arctic landscapes.

*Partners: Alaska Coalition of Washington; Alaska Wilderness League; Canadian Studies Center, UW Jackson School of International Studies; Conservation Northwest; EarthJustice; Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs; Hazel Wolf Film Festival; The Mountaineers; The Mountaineers Books; National Parks Conservation Association; Olympic Park Associates; Seattle Audubon Society; Sierra Club Northwest; University of Washington Earth Initiative; University of Washington Press; Washington Association of Churches; University of Washington Program on the Environment; The Wilderness Society, Pacific Northwest Region

Northern Lights: Rare occurrence of red northern lights. Photo by Subhankar Banerjee. Photos were taken between March 2001 through Fall 2002.