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Community Partners

Alaska Coalition of Washington

Alaska Wilderness League

Canadian Consulate General, Seattle

Canadian Studies Center, UW Jackson School of International Studies

Conservation Northwest (Northwest Ecosystem Alliance)

Earth Justice Coalition at UW


East Lake Washington Audubon Society

Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs

Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network

The Mountaineers

The Mountaineers Books

National Parks Conservation Association

Olympic Park Associates

REP America (Republicans for Environmental Protection)

Seattle Audubon Society

Sierra Club Northwest

University of Washington Earth Initiative

University of Washington Program on the Environment

University of Washington Press

Washington Association of Churches (Partnership for Religion and Environment)

The Wilderness Society, Pacific Northwest Region

Polar Bear: A polar bear approaches whale bones from the previous years' hunt on frozen Bernard Harbor in early June. The whale remains are left on the ice to be consumed by polar  and grizzly bears, Arctic foxes, and gulls.  Photo by Subhankar Banerjee. Photos were taken between March 2001 through Fall 2002.