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Animals at the Woodland Park Zoo

Golden lion tamarin
Why do you think they call these small monkeys “golden lions?” It's because of the yellowish-orange hair around their faces that looks a little like a lion's mane. Golden lion tamarin babies like to ride on their parents' backs (like a piggy-back ride!). Only about 600 golden lion tamarins live in the wild in Brazil. Woodland Park Zoo has raised and sent some of our tamarins to live there, too.

(Photo by Ryan Hawk)
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Check out the Burke Museum's Mammals of Washington for more information on animals in Washington.

Want to learn more? King County Library System has the following books available with MORE about wildlife photography, animals, and the wild!

King County Library System has books available on the following topics:

Wildlife Photography
Urban Wildlife
Photography: Guides and Techniques
Outdoor Guides
For Young Adults
For Kids and Families
Photography for Kids
Family Activities

Wildlife Photography

African Wildlife: A photographic safari
Stephen J. Krasemann, Barbara Bach
591.96 KRA

James Balog
778.932 BAL

Denali: The wild beauty of Denali National Park
Erwin and Peggy Bauer
508.7983 BAU

Desert Water
Mark Lisk & William Fox
779.367809 LIS

Early Wildlife Photographers
C. A. W. Guggisberg

Eye to Eye: Intimate encounters with the animal world
Frans Lanting
778.932 LAN

The Kingdom: Wildlife in North America
Art Wolfe, Douglas Chadwick

In the Lion's Den
Mitsuaki Iwago
599.74428 IWA

Magnificent Moments: The world's greatest wildlife photographs
George H. Harrison
778.932 MAG

National Geographic Photo Gallery

National Geographic: The wildlife photographs
John G. Mitchell
779.32 MIT

Natural Visions: The power of images in American environmental reform
Finis Dunaway
333.720973 DUN

On this Earth: Photographs from East Africa
Nick Brandt
779.320967 BRA

Our National Parks: Celebrating America's natural splendor
Life Books
917.3 OUR

Portrait of Alaska's Wildlife
Tom Walker
591.9798 WAL

Survivors: A new vision of endangered wildlife
James Balog

The Ultimate African Wildlife
Nigel Dennis, Brian Johnson Barker
591.96 DEN

Steve Bloom
779.32092 BLO

Wildlife: The world's top photographers and the stories behind their greatest images
Terry Hope
770.922 HOP

Mitsuaki Iwago
778.932 IWA

Urban Wildlife

Central Park
Bruce Davidson
779.997471 DAV

City Safaris: A Sierra Club explorer's guide to urban adventures for grownups and kids
Carolyn Shaffer and Erica Fielder

Squirrel Wars: And how to win them [videorecording]
Harrison Productions and Maslowski Wildlife Productions
DVD 635.926936 SQU

Photography: Guides and Techniques

The Art of Outdoor Photography: techniques for the advanced amateur and professional
Boyd Norton
778.71 NOR 2001

The Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography
Jim Shull
771 SHU

Being a Photographer
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
770.92 ART

Careers for Shutterbugs & Other Candid Types
Cheryl McLean
770.232 MCL 2003

Designing Wildlife Photographs
Joe McDonald
778.932 MCD

Digital Photography Outdoors: A field guide for travel and adventure photographers
James Martin
775 MAR

Living Planet: Preserving edens of the earth
Frans Lanting, Galen Rowell & David Doubilet
508 LAN

The Master Guide for Wildlife Photographers
Bill Silleker
778.932 SIL

Moose Peterson's Guide to Wildlife Photography: Conventional & digital techniques
B. Moose Peterson
778.932 PET 2003

National Park Photography
Tim Fitzharris
778.93 FIT

Nature Photography: Learning from a master
Gilles Martin
778.93 MAR

Nature photography: National Audubon Society guide
Tim Fitzharris
778.93 FIT

Nature and Wildlife Photography: A practical guide to how to shoot and sell
Susan McCartney
778.93 MCC

Nikon School Presents Masters of Wildlife [videorecording].
VT 778.93 NIK

Photographing Animals in the Wild
Andy Rouse
778.932 ROU

Photographing Children in Black & White
Helen T. Boursier
778.925 BOU

Photographing Your Garden
Gail Harland
778.99635 HAR

The Photography Book
Ian Jeffrey
779 PHO

Photography for the Naturalist
Mark Lucock
778.93 LUC

Photography Outdoors: A field guide for travel and adventure photographers
Mark Gardner, Art Wolfe
778.71 GAR 2002

The Professional Photographer's Guide to Shooting and Selling Nature and Wildlife Photos
Jim Zuckerman

Spirit of Place: The art of the traveling photographer
Bob Krist
778.991 KRI

The Ultimate Guide to Painting from Photographs
James Markle, Layne Vanover
751.4 ULT

The Wildlife Photographer's Field Manual: Capturing wildlife in photographs
Joe McDonald

Wildlife Photography: The art and technique of ten masters
Ann Guilfoyle, Susan Rayfield

The Wildlife Trust’s Nature Photographer's Handbook
Ian Beames
778.93 BEA

Outdoor Guides

Day Hiker's Handbook: Get started with the experts
Michael Lanza
796.51 DAY

Watching Wildlife: Tips, gear, and great places for enjoying America's wild creatures
Mark Damian Duda
599.0973 DUD

For Young Adults

A Passion for Birds: Fifty years of photographing wildlife
Eric Hosking
YA 779.32

Bring 'em Back Alive! Capturing wildlife on home video: a guide for the whole family
Jim Arnosky
Y778.59 ARN

Secret Worlds: High-speed photographs
Stephen Dalton
Y779.3092 DAL

Wildlife Photographers: Life through a lens
Michael A. Sommers
Y778.932 SOM

For Kids and Families

Animal and Wildlife Photography


Jungle Jack Hanna's safari adventure
Jack Hanna and Rick A. Prebeg
E591.9676 HAN

Traveling Babies
Kathryn O. Galbraith
E591.39 GAL


Beavers: Where waters run
Paul Strong
J599.37 STR

Big Cats
John Bonnett Wexo
J599.75 WEX

Endangered Wetland Animals
Dave Taylor

Journey into the Rainforest
Tim Knight
J577.34 KNI

National Geographic Photography Guide for Kids
Neil Johnson
J771 JOH

Oxford First Book of Animals
Barbara Taylor
J590 TAY

Alan Buckingham
J770 BU

Think Like an Eagle: At work with a wildlife photographer
Kathryn Lasky

Watching nature: A beginner's field guide
Monica Russo
J508 RUS

Wildshots: The world of the wildlife photographer
Nathan Aaseng
J778.932023 AAS

Photography for Kids

First Photos: How kids can take great pictures
Art Evans
771 EVA

The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography: How to shoot, save, play with & print your digital photos
Jenni Bidner
J775 BID

Family Activities

City Safaris: A Sierra Club explorer's guide to urban adventures for grownups and kids
Carolyn Shaffer and Erica Fielder

Digital family Album Basics: Tools for creating digital memories
Janine Warner, Tom and Mindy McCain
006.686 WAR

Environment / Ecology

For Kids Awesome Ocean Science! Investigating the secrets of the underwater world
Cindy A. Littlefield
J551.46 LIT

Children's Ecology Programs [videorecording]
Environmental Media NW
VT 363.7 CHI

City Kids & City Critters! Activities for urban explorers
Janet Wier Roberts
J577.56 ROB

Earth Book for Kids: Activities to help heal the environment
Linda Schwartz

Ecology Crafts for Kids: 50 great ways to make friends with planet earth
Bobbe Needham
J577 NEE

Ecology for Every Kid: Easy activities that make learning science fun
Janice Vancleave
J574.5078 VAN

The Sierra Club kid's guide to planet care and repair
Vicki McVey
J363.70525 MCV

Kids' Easy-to-create Wildlife Habitats: For small spaces in the city, suburbs & countryside
Emily Stetson
J639.92 STE

Nature Smart: Awesome projects to make with Mother Nature’s help
Gwen Diehn
J745.5 DIE

Slugs, Bugs, and Salamanders: Discovering animals in your garden
Sally Kneidel
J577.554 KNE