Artist List

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 photographer list

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Manuel Presti (Italy) Overall Winner Sky chase

Innovation Award
Michel Loup (France) Winner River of dreams

Eric Hosking Award
Bence Máté (Hungary) Winner Grey herons fight
Bence Máté (Hungary) Winner Egret in the snow
Bence Máté (Hungary) Winner Yawning fox
Bence Máté (Hungary) Winner Hoopoe provider
Bence Máté (Hungary) Winner Transylvania in autumn
Bence Máté (Hungary) Winner Grey heron mouthful

Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Wildlife
Martin Eisenhower (Switzerland) Winner Crane snowflight
Thomas Endlein (Germany) Highly Com Orang-utan feast
A L Harrington (UK) Highly Com Wolf patrol at ease

Animals in their Environment
Martin Eisenhawer (Switzerland) Winner Whooper swans at dawn
Sergio Brant Rocha (Brazil) Runner-up Swifts ascending
Thomas Endlein (Germany) Highly Com Orang-utan in the rain
Frederic Reglain (France) Highly Com Bush cricket pose
Hans Wolkers (The Netherlands) Highly Com Cave bear
Todd Pusser (USA) Highly Com Dolphin seascape

Animal Behavior: Birds
Manuel Presti (Italy) Winner Sky chase
Yossi Eshbol (Israel) Runner-up Common tern family
Maik Aschemann (Germany) Highly Com Pelican bath
Tim Laman (USA) Highly Com Crane landing
Jose B Ruiz (Spain) Highly Com The snake eagle family
John Aitchison(UK) Highly Com Swift dive
Bence Máté (Hungary) Highly Com Death squeeze
Andy Rouse (UK) Highly Com Surfing gentoo

Animal Behavior: Mammals
Kristin J Mosher (USA) Winner Termite catching
Thorsten Milse (Germany) Runner-up Polar trek
Elliott Neep (UK) Spec Com Tiger play
Yukihiro Fukuda (Japan) Highly Com Snow trails
Michel Denis-Huot (France) Highly Com Mistaken identity
Yukihiro Fukuda (Japan) Highly Com Japanese macaque eating cherry blossom
Mary Ann McDonald (USA) Highly Com The dust bath

Animal Behavior: All Other Animals
Ruben Smit (The Netherlands) Winner Common toad orgy
Alexander Mustard (UK) Runner-up Shy hamlets romance
Joe McDonald (USA) Highly Com Winged termite feast

The Underwater World
George Duffield (UK) Winner Leopard seal pass
Magnus Lundgren (Sweden) Runner-up Ocean rider
Charles Hood (UK) Spec Com Great hammerhead
Malcolm Hey (UK) Highly Com Reclining emperor shrimp
Michel Loup (France) Highly Com Pike pose
Tim Laman (USA) Highly Com Blue-spotted grouper

Animal Portraits
Alexander Mustard (UK) Winner Snapper shoal
Bence Máté Runner-up Fox washing
Scott W Sharkey (USA) Spec Com Glare of the great owl
Joe McDonald (USA) Highly Com Gorilla in the rain
Danny Green (UK) Highly Com Red deer headgear
Thomas Sbampato (Switzerland) Highly Com Waiting for mother
Jari Peltomäki (Finland) Highly Com Great grey owl pounce

In Praise of Plants
László Novak (Hungary) Winner Spring snowflakes in the flooded forest
Adam Gibbs (Canada) Runner-up Frosted rose hips
Torbjörn Lilja (Sweden) Highly Com Moss lanterns
Tom Putt (Australia) Highly Com Ancient snow gum

Urban and Garden Wildlife
Julian Smith (New Zealand) Winner Bogong swarm
Jean-Pierre Zwaenepoel (Belgium) Runner-up Hanuman langur surveying the city
Lome Gill (UK) Highly Com Lamplight roost

Nature in Black and White
Martyn Colbeck (UK) Winner Elephants below Mount Kilimanjaro
Martyn Colbeck (UK) Runner-up Clash of the bulls
Luca Fantoni & Danilo Porta (Italy) Highly Com Beech in the mist

Composition and Form
Michel Loup (France) Winner River of dreams
Alessandro Bee (Italy) Runner-up Dusk flight
László Novak (Hungary) Spec Com A swirl of bramblings
Ross Hoddinott (UK) Highly Com Wind and weir
Carlo Delli (Italy) Highly Com Moth surprise

Wild Places
Staffan Widstrand (Sweden) Winner Ice rainbow
Olivier Grunewald (France) Runner-up Lava by moonlight
Thomas Endlein (Germany) Highly Com Rainforest dawn
Adam Gibbs (Canada) Highly Com View from Panorama Ridge
Henrik Lund (Finland) Highly Com After the thunderstorm
Jeremy Walker (UK) Highly Com Cascade Mountains
Christophe Sidamon-Pesson (France) Highly Com Frosted pines

The World in Our Hands
Alessandro Bee (Italy) Winner Behind bars
Erlend Haarberg (Norway) Runner-up Mountain shot
Klaus Echle (Germany) Highly Com Death of a deer
Vincent Munier (France) Highly Com Forest in the bank, Cambodia
Matthias Graben (Germany) Highly Com White rhino - sold

Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Jesse Ritonen (Finland) Overall Winner Inquisitive jay
10 years and under
Jesse Ritonen (Finland) Winner Inquisitive jay
Marco Fantoni (Italy) Runner-up Eye-to-eye with an ibex
Jesse Ritonen (Finland) Highly Com Goshawk glare
11–14 years old
Mart Smit (The Netherlands) Winner Red squirrel pose
Mart Smit (The Netherlands) Runner-up Siskin titbit
Alexei Calambokidis (USA) Highly Com Humpback backflip
15–17 years old
Matthew Burrard-Lucas (UK) Winner Chimpanzee meditation
Nicholas Murphy (USA) Runner-up Blue dasher
Mateusz Kowalski (Poland) Spec Com Owl landing
Mateusz Kowalski (Poland) Highly Com White-winged tern parent and chick