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University of Washington , Seattle; the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Branch , Vladivostok; and the Sapporo and Hakodate campuses of Hokkaido University , Hokkaido, Japan.

Okhotskia was conceived as a natural extension of our highly successful International Kuril Island Project (IKIP), which we now recognize as Phase One of this expanded effort. Considering the enormous potential for biotic survey in the Russian Far East, we have now put the Kuril work into the broader context of a long-term, large-scale survey and inventory that encompasses all of the terrestrial and freshwater habitats associated with the landmasses that define the boundaries of the Okhotsk Sea. A proposal submitted in November 1999 to the National Science Foundation (NSF), Division of Environmental Biology, Biotic Surveys and Inventories Program, has resulted in a one year grant to launch Phase Two of this program: the International Sakhalin Island Project (ISIP), a biotic survey and inventory of Sakhalin Island. A follow-up request to expand the work to encompass a full five years on Sakhalin was submitted to the NSF in November 2000 and we are now awaiting the results of that review process.

The primary purpose of the Okhotskia web site is to provide a gateway to our Kuril Archipelago and Sakhalin Island web-sites, to thus provide, in turn, easy access to project results and databases, both for participants and other interested scientists. We have also included contact information for all project personnel. Graphical button bars are provided at the top and bottom of each page to aid navigation to each of the major sections of the IKIP and ISIP sites. For those using browsers without graphics support, the links provided by the button bars are: Okhotskia Main Page , Kuril Project , Sakhalin Project , Project Database and Links .

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